41st Annual Powell Street Festival 2017

This year marked the 35th time Shorinji Kempo has demonstrated at the Powell Street Festival.  We were blessed with a sunny day although it was a bit smoky from the province’s many forest fires.  This year we tried using some shakuhachi music to set the mood during meditation.  Our taiko drum was getting repaired, so we went without it this year.  Demonstrations this year included dantai embu and tandoku embu and even some protective gear sparring.  The entire demonstration was completed smoothly with no injuries, making it another successful event.  Everybody enjoyed the shared food and drink at the after party celebrations, the perfect ending to a great day. 

Kaiso Day 2017-Vancouver Branch

This year for Kaiso Day Kenshi went out to Burnaby Lake to help manage invasive species!  We learned a lot about the efforts of local volunteers to help the plants and animals maintain harmonious balance with humans.  Thanks to all who came out for showing their Shorinji Kempo spirit.  Special thanks to Lise Townsend for her efforts in coordinating the involvement of our branch.


Learning about Western painted turtles at the turtle hatching beach! Many of us didn’t know that a turtle beach even existed here!


We made quick work of the invasive plants called Purple policeman’s helmet and English ivy and filled up the truck bed!

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Sakura Festival 2017

Congratulations and thank you to all who attended the Sakura Japan Fair Festival at Vandusen Gardens this April 9, 2017.  We had a successful demonstration and many stayed afterwards to enjoy the various festival foods on sale.  BC Tozenji, Vancouver Pacific, and Vancouver Branches all came together for this event.  We were blessed with mild weather and a great turnout!  Special thanks to Dwi for the camera work and to the Japan Fair staff!IMG_0741 IMG_0740 image54 image53 image57 IMG_0700 IMG_0721 image56 image5 image8 image2 image51 image41 image28

Kaiso Day Street BBQ

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2015 Kaiso Day Community BBQ
Kaiso Day is a time when many dojos around the world honour our founder by “giving back” to the community in someway. It takes place in May, the month that Kaiso, Doshin So, passed away in 1980In 2015, members of the Vancouver Branch (Trout Lake and Vancouver Pacific dojos) tried something new. We partnered with the Vancouver Neighbourhood House Association and on Sunday May 17th closed down a half block of a local street in Mount Pleasant for a community barbeque and mini Japanese festival. In addition to serving free tasty food like grilled chicken skewers, salmon and Japanese inspired hotdogs, there was music, taiko drumming, kids’ face-painting, origami and of course Shorinji Kempo demonstrations. This was a first for our club, and, thanks to everyone working together, it was a great success! Many members contributed their time, energy and talents, and we were supported by a Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant, and generous donations of fresh food from local businesses. About 500 people from the local community showed up and by all accounts enjoyed the food and demonstrations and some were even brave enough to try a few Shorinji Kempo techniques. We also took pride in making it a sustainable event, including promoting local food and producing “zero waste”. Even though it was a lot of work, we had fun working together and it was rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves. Some people asked us why we were doing this, and it was nice to be able to say, “just to give back to the community”. We like to think Kaiso would have approved.