Welcome to the BC Shorinji Kempo Community!

Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese martial art practiced in 33 countries worldwide. We invite you to join us in our mission to improve the world through the principles of our daily practice. New students are always welcome!

Benefits of Shorinji Kempo

“self defense, spiritual cultivation and improved health”

Shorinji Kempo cultivates healthy bodies, indomitable courage, and well-rounded character in order to make individuals capable of leading happy lives. Shorinji Kempo teaches that the essence of budo/martial arts in not to fight and defeat enemies, but to stop fighting between people, and to enable the harmony for a peaceful society. Read more here.

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome

The techniques of Shorinji Kempo rely on various principles to be effective. These include the use of various strikes, kicks, blocks, ukemi/breakfalls, and pressure point healing/attacking. This enables Shorinji Kempo techniques to be effectively applied regardless of age, sex, or strength. We offer classes for children and adults at three different locations in Greater Vancouver. Join us for a free trial class to find out if it’s for you!